The Buying Team travels to Market

The Buying Team travels to Market

Every year in January and July, the Buying Team attends the Atlanta Market at the Americas Mart. These visits are important for purchasing the décor inventory for upcoming seasons. The Buying Team forecasts, a year in advance, the merchandise assortment for the shop. The forecast consists of finding a balance among the current and forthcoming trends, re-buying the best of the best of previous performing merchandise and our client’s needs and feedback.

(Yes! We will assist clients in finding specific floral & décor needs, wishes, and desires!)

The focus this January at market was to identify any additions for Valentines, Mother’s Day, Easter, and trend-right Spring & Summer. AND….get ready: Fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Holiday 2023!

(Yes! We have already determined the Holiday Tree Themes!)

The Atlanta Market is a wonderfully inspirational and organized chaotic atmosphere of discovery: classic, modern, contemporary, and antique. Located in downtown Atlanta, the market consists of three large buildings, multi-floors consisting of miles and miles of hallways, sky bridges, elevators, and escalators.

(Yes! We get our “steps” in…..!)

We consider our explorations at each market as a service to both our new and loyal clients. Each trip allows us to refresh our strategies to provide an updated curated assortment, to inspire, and delight!

Photos below are only a glimpse into what we found as beautifully inspiring. Enjoy!



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