Michelle & Seena | Wedding Ceremony & Reception at Ross Bridge Resort

Michelle & Seena | Wedding Ceremony & Reception at Ross Bridge Resort

 Dorothy McDaniel’s Flower Market loves and remembers concepts from all of our brides. However, every now and then a bride will come along that we will remember forever. Not only was Michelle one of those brides, but she was that bride for several reasons: She was hands down one of the most polite and stunningly gorgeous, but she also brought in a concept for her wedding that we had not only never done before, but we had never seen it done before either.

Michelle wanted to use one flower only for her entire wedding ceremony and reception at Ross Bridge Resort & Spa: hydrangea. More than that, she was okay with a variety of hydrangea including white, antique green, antique blue, and antique pink.

She worked with two of our designers, Alan Townsend and Andy Seale, to create the concept of what would be used and what wouldn’t. The end result is one that we’re still talking about 9 months later.

Angela Karen Photography did an amazing job catching the details and we couldn’t be more grateful to her for sharing them with us!

ross bridge wedding flowers

Ross Bridge is one of our favorite wedding venues in Birmingham, AL. The staff is not only wonderful, but the location itself is to die over.

Alabama wedding venue

This photo that Angela Karen Photography got of Michelle’s dress gives us goosebumps it’s so beautiful.

something blue for wedding

Michelle’s something blue was her beautiful blue heels.

white wedding dress

The bridesmaids help fan out Michelle’s elaborate veil for photos around the grounds at Ross Bridge Resort in Birmingham, AL.

hydrangea bridesmaids bouquets

The bridesmaids wore vibrant blue gowns and carried some of the most gorgeous bouquets we’ve ever seen. Each bouquet was made up of a few antique blue and antique green hydrangea then wrapped in a navy satin ribbon.

Dorothy McDaniel's Flower Market

The flower girl wore a hair wreath made up entirely of antique blue and antique green hydrangea. Her white basket was adorned with hydrangea accents, and she even tossed hydrangea stems when she made her way down the aisle.

wedding flowers for men

Seena and his groomsmen wore antique blue hydrangea boutonnieres wrapped in navy satin.

Dorothy McDaniel's Flower Market

Ross Bridge Resort and Spa certainly has plenty of gorgeous places around its grounds for photos.

wedding and reception at Ross Bridge Resort

all hydrangea wedding

We can’t begin to describe how gorgeous the ceremony flowers were. Michelle chose to use one of our iron gates covered in hydrangea blooms. The altar was then flanked with huge mounds of antique green, antique blue, white and even pink hydrangea.

groom waiting to see his bride

lace wedding dress

Michelle’s bouquet had softer tones of the same hydrangea. Her lace dress was jaw dropping!

Ross Bridge Resort wedding

navy blue bridesmaids dresses

marriage vows

aisle markers for wedding

Each aisle was also decorated in antique blue hydrangea.

Ross Bridge Resort Weddings

Persian wedding ceremony

wedding exit ideas

Michelle and Seena had guests shower them in white flutter fetti for their exit. This is still one of our favorite ways for a bride and groom to depart their wedding reception!

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