A Floral Designer's Garden

A Floral Designer's Garden

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Before we find ourselves in the thick of the really HOT days of Summer, we’d like to share photos of a Spring Garden by one of our senior floral designers, Elizabeth.

Elizabeth is not only passionate about designing arrangements as a career for Dorothy’s McDaniel’s Flower Market, but is a fervent flower gardener in her off-time. She can be found in the late afternoons (or early mornings) faithfully cultivating soil, pruning for growth and feeding her flowers to provide the optimal chance for beautiful seasonal blooms. We would also like to mention that when Elizabeth is in the garden, she can be found in the company of her feline companion, Sirius Black.  

 As a gardener, Elizabeth has an appreciation of most all types of flowers and plants, but as a designer with an artful eye, she does have her favorites: peonies, garden roses, delphinium, snapdragons and hollyhocks. It’s also the scent that adds to the attraction of her favorites, therefore she may also have a “artful nose” of the olfactory sense.

Her educational background in Fine Arts is uniquely applicable to the world of flowers; the colors, the textures, the sizes & shapes, and the composition and structure of creation as it relates to both garden design and arrangement design. She’s quite masterful in her vision.

When asked about where and how she came to love flowers, Elizabeth remarks about her maternal great-grandparents as they were avid gardeners….it must be in the genetic makeup. Additionally, as a child, Elizabeth was influenced by her travels abroad with her maternal grandparents which exposed her to cultural differences of environmental landscapes of greenery and flowers.

Elizabeth has been a part of the Dorothy McDaniel Flower Market Design Team since 2018. Therefore, many of the arrangements that have made their way to you have undoubtedly passed through Elizabeth’s talented hands.




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