Designs from The Cupboard

Designs from The Cupboard

Designs from The Cupboard

Most everyone has some inherited, or gifted, or impulsive estate sale purchases; in summary, you probably have some STUFF. This "stuff" has probably accumulated behind closed furniture doors, infrequently used closets, attics and basements, or in cupboards within your home. This Blog posting is intended to creatively stimulate how you see these treasures as something INSPIRING!

Unique. One-Of-A-Kind. Budget Friendly. Below is a fantastic suggestion for creating something extraordinary for your Mother's Day Gift or something for yourself for everyday use. Enjoy!

In your cupboards, find unused salt & pepper shakers, quirky little glass spice containers, interesting and empty perfume bottles....any small receptacle that resembles a petite vase. Curate a small collection of mismatched, yet complementary "vases" to highlight flowers and greenery from your yard or garden. Simply cut to size for each receptacle....keep it simple and watch your creation take shape. Use a tray to further shape, gather and anchor your curated "flower garden" for a tabletop presentation. Make your creation more personal by using special personal items that have sentimental meaning to your gift recipient. 

Other suggestions for small treasure containers

-china collections, including tea pots, coffee pots, tea cups, etc. 

-sterling or silver-plated items, including goblets, sugar bowls, creamers, etc. 

-crystal or everyday glass, including beverage glasses, jam jars, etc.

......explore endless possibilities when you "see" your treasures in a different way!

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