Choosing Your Mother’s Day Arrangement: A Guide to the Perfect Gift

Choosing Your Mother’s Day Arrangement: A Guide to the Perfect Gift

Choosing Your Mother’s Day Arrangement: A Guide to the Perfect Gift 


Mother’s Day is a long-time tradition and the perfect occasion to show your mom you love her. And what better way to show her you love her, then to show her you know her? 


Flowers are an obvious choice for showering your mom with affection on Mother’s Day. They’re colorful, dynamic and nostalgic–not to mention they can make a room look and smell wonderful in a matter of seconds. When choosing an arrangement for mother dearest, there’s a lot to consider. 


Before picking the first pretty flower you lay eyes on, consider the following about your mom: 

  • Her fashion sense
  • Her favorite color
  • Her home decor style 
  • What flowers she used in her wedding 
  • Her personality
  • Her wardrobe color palette 
  • The plant and flower makeup of her garden (if she has one)


When taking into consideration these meticulous details, you can choose an arrangement that truly speaks to your knowledge and appreciation of your mom.


Now that we’ve got you thinking about all the things that make your mom unique, it’s time to choose the perfect arrangement for her. We’ve created several mood boards as a guide for you along your flower-picking journey. 


Keep scrolling for inspiration!




Style: Contemporary

Details: Sleek, Ultra-modern, Stylized

Arrangement: “Sweet Thoughts”





Style: Feminine

Details: Refined, Delicate, Romantic

Arrangement: "Romeo and Juliet" 






Style: Minimalistic 

Details: Elegant, Fashionable, Sophisticated

Arrangement: "Twilight"






Style: Organic

Details: Earthy, Colorful, Adventurous 

Arrangement: "Wild and Free"






Style: Tropical

Details: Bright, Lush, Brilliant 

Arrangement: "Sundance" 




Style: Whimsical 

Details: Unconventional, Striking, Brimming

Arrangement: "Mother's Gathering Vase"





Style: Monochromatic 

Details: Girly, Playful, Poised

Arrangement: "Peony Collection"





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