Introducing "Dearest Dorothy's" with AK Hamilton

Introducing "Dearest Dorothy's" with AK Hamilton



Dear Reader,


I’ll be writing to you pretty often in the days to come, so I’ll tromp through a clunky introduction for the sake of it all. No need in feeling like strangers! My name is AK Hamilton, and I’ve recently taken on the role of Dorothy McDaniel’s Flower Shop’s Director of Marketing after I studied English and Creative Writing at Samford University. I’m from a small town in rural Northwest TN, and I never intend to live in a city smaller than Birmingham ever again! Every morning would be its best if I woke up to an extra-hot americano before my 20 alarms had to go off. The best days are used to grocery shop and cook something new and meet friends with laughter and read books and maybe write some poems. Every night would be best spent watching an old rom-com for the millionth time, sharing a bottle of half-priced wine at Freddy’s Wine Bar with my loved ones, or at a wedding reception in a pretty dress. On the topic of weddings, I’m proud and astounded to say I know them well, after having already been a bridesmaid 7 times at the age of 23. And I still have plenty of single friends to go, so hopefully I can keep counting! At all of these weddings, I’ve been mesmerized by the way so many small details work together to culminate in someone’s On Purpose Perfect Day. The food, the photos, the guests, the music, the person they’re marrying, the flowers. Oh, the flowers! I believe there is no greater joy than being told by a wedding planner at the end of the night, “Grab whatever flowers you want. They’ll get thrown away if you don’t,” and scooping up several bouquets like a bandit and making my way home with them. As long as I’ve lived, storytelling has been a reflex and a joy; the longer I live, storytelling takes new identities. In the recent months, I’ve come to see how stories can be told through stems and petals and the celebrations that they adorn.

I arrived to Birmingham, AL in the fall of 2017. 40 years before that in 1977, Dorothy McDaniel opened up shop at DMFM in Homewood, AL. I’m beginning my 6th year in this city, and Dorothy is in the midst of her 46th year in the business of serving its floral needs. I’ve been busy learning about the history and the present of this business that’s been ingrained in its community, and Dorothy’s seemed to make things look easy — like the back of her hand, she knows this place, flowers and her clients. 

In my short time here, I’ve learned garden roses have a magical quality to them that may never lose wonder. I’ve decided that delphinium would have an easy and bubbling laugh if it could, and that its partner in crime would be lisianthus. Most of all, I’ve realized there is so much more that goes into small business and floral design alike. I want to uncover more of the beauty of Birmingham’s small business scene and the occasions our clients decorate with floral arrangements!

Through my coming to understand and appreciate what DMFM has done and does and hopes to do in Birmingham, I’ve developed a desire to share only a weekly basis with you — a previous client, a present client or a future client. Through blog posts and social media and conversations in our shop, we hope to meet the needs and inspire the thoughts of those with whom we share this city of Birmingham. Whether we’re offering recaps of wedding weekends, sharing gift guides, pinning to Pinterest or offering promotions, we hope you’ll sign up for our weekly newsletter to receive the latest updates, ideas, and gifts from us to our dearest!


Cheers to the past we’ve shared, and cheers to the future we can cultivate!

Sending you our



AK Hamilton

Director of Marketing


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